Czech Republic working cows on a 17 had (173 cm) warmblood.

Food for thought.



Siesta time after a hard day of doctoring.



Teaching a cow work clinic in Northern California



Cow work demonstration at the Vaquero Classic in Germany



My son Krys trying out an original Visalia saddle and a 50+ year old reata.



Me getting started with my riding career.



Checking cows in Nevada.


Moving cows through the stack yard with my good friend Terrance McGowan in Nevada.



Teaching a cow working clinic in Utah



Branding calves in Nevada.



Circling a cow at a clinic in the Czech Republic.



Gathering cows on the Lida Ranch in Nevada.



Schooling the rollback.



Old style California bridle horse.


Branding calves at the iconic Chimineas ranch in California.



A little dry work practice.



Azteca horses first day of real work moving cows on the Bench Creek ranch in Nevada.



More from Bench Creek.



Bench Creek again.



Two rein picture from the Ranch Horse class in Rancho Murieta  California.

Nice Azteca horse on the job.






Early Californios Skills of the Rancho competition in Santa Ynez California.




Early Californios Skills of the Rancho again.



Early Californios Skills of the Rancho again.



Showing at Rancho Murieta California

Roping a few in Paso Robles California.



Riding a nice little hackamore horse at a clinic in England.



Garocha demonstration in California.  (photo by Blue Fountain Photography)